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E-A-SKI has just released the first of it’s kind (by any producer) the E-A-SKI ROSSUM Special Edition SP1200. The SP1200 is known to be the top brand music making machine in the industry.  Used by some of the top artisit/producers like DR. DRE, KLC, DJ BATTLECAT and JUST BLAZE to name a few. With only 50 SE SP1200’s available world wide this is truly a historical event. On day one almost half the SP1200 were sold. By day four 94% were sold. Within a week they were completely SOLD OUT! This will definitely go down in history as one of the biggest accomplishments for the music industry. This SE SP1200 will no doubt become a collectors item. E-A-SKI “All we can say is thank you to our fans for supporting us, the movement and showing the world that SOUND DOES MATTER!”

This SE SP1200 is already an iconic machine. However included in this purchase were some exclusive E-A-SKI DRUMS, a Certificate of Authenticity signed by both E-A-SKI and Mr. Dave Rossum.

November 2023 News Team